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Pokemon Go Central Park Coordinates

El game Pokemon Go became really famous, so many people look for the satellite coordinates to be able to find what they want. In sitegame We will show you what are the best coordinates to find the monsters and pokeballs, the main thing in this game is play with GPS enabled through your camera to see the entire map and get any of these in real time.

Pokemon Go Coordinates

The coordinates given in this game are used to find unique and special objects such as pokeballs, Pokémon gym, pokestops, unique pokemons and other features of this world. We will show you which are the best Pokémon Go coordinates to play.

The most important coordinate has always been Central Park known as: 40.7803,-73.9630.

As well There are a series of coordinates that can help you a lot to find all the pokeballs and much more.

  • Pier 39 37.8095,-122.4101.
  • Disneyland Tokyo, -35.6312,139.8809.
  • Pretoria -25.7544,28.2326.
  • Ibirapuera Park -23.584162,-46.660813.
  • Niantic HQ 37.7894,-122.4016.
  • Sydney -33.8643,151.2155.
  • Chemistry Park 41.661545,-0.89470.
  • Chancay Main Square, Chancay – 11.563121,-77.270121
  • Samanes Park, Guayaquil – 2.103466,-79.907960
  • YMCA Park, Thessaloniki – 40.626361,22.952033
  • Margaret Island, Budapest 47.529875,19.05154
  • Maria Luisa Park, Seville – 37.377148,-5.98705
  • El Retiro Park, Madrid – 40.417543,-3.682446
  • Music Square, Las Palmas – 35.155536,129.059131
  • Chemistry Park, Zaragoza – 41.661545,-0.89470
  • Insular Stadium Park, Las Palmas – 28.128741,-15.433331
  • San Cristobal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife – 28.489334,-16.317490
  • Big Ben, London – 51.500686,-0.124592 Trafalgar Square, London –51.507307,-0.128871